Admission And Withdrawal

  1. Candidates apply  for admission must meet the Principal accompanied by their parents /guardians.
  2. Only those who have completed 3 ½ years by April 1st, are eligible for admission to the Lower Kindergarten.
  3. Application for admissions should be in the prescribed form, which can be obtained from the School office, at the time of admission only.
  4. Students from other schools  will be tested before they are admitted to their respective classes.
  5. It is essential that a photocopy of the original Birth Certificate be submitted at the time of admission.
  6. Students coming from other schools cannot be admitted without the Leaving Certificate, which must be countersigned by the Inspecting Authority of that State.
  7. Application for withdrawals must be made in the prescribed form given in the Diary and submitted to the Principal at least a fortnight prior to their leaving.
  8. Leaving Certificates will be issued only if all school dues have been paid and library books etc. are returned. The term fee has to be paid even if the child leaves in the middle of the Term.