Rules Of Discipline

  1. Students should attend the School regularly and on time.
  2. Late comers should present themselves to the Principal/ Vice-Principals / Co-ordinators before they enter the class-room.
  3. Leave should be applied for in writing to the Principal. In unforeseen circumstances, the student, on returning to School, should have the Reason of Absence entered and signed by the Parent / Guardian, in the “Record of Absence” in the Diary.
  4. A student absent from School for more than 15 consecutive days without a leave note is liable to have his / her name struck off the rolls.
  5. 75% of attendance is essential. Students who do not have the required attendance will not be promoted to the next class.
  6. A student will not be sent home or allowed to leave the school premises during the School hours without the permission of the Principals/ Vice-Principals / Co-ordinators. In case of dire necessity, a prior intimation from the parent is required to send the student home. If a parent cannot personally pick the child, then a note must be sent with the authorized person’s name.
  7. No Books, (other than the text books or library books), newspapers, periodicals, audio or video cassettes should be brought to School without the approval of the Principal/ Vice-Principals / Co-ordinators.
  8. Use of mobile phones in the School is strictly forbidden, as mentioned  in the CBSE Circular No. 2/2009. If brought in case of emergency, the students will leave the mobile phone in the school office with a letter from the parents.
  9. Any kind of damage to the School property will be made good by the student responsible for it.
  10. The School does not accept any responsibility for the loss of money, books, clothes and other articles etc. All articles belonging to the students should bear their names. Students are not allowed to wear any valuable articles to School.
  11. Stealing is considered to be a grave offence and may lead to dire consequences including legal action.
  12. No collection for any purpose whatsoever should be made in the School without prior permission  from  the Principal.
  13. Eating is strictly forbidden during class hours. Chewing gum should never be brought to the School.
  14. No student is exempted from games and physical training without a medical certificate. The period of exemption should be specified.
  15. Use of foul and abusive language, disobedience towards teachers, and management,  bullying, hooliganism, disrupting of class  school activities, intentionally or otherwise amounts to violation of good conduct and bringing disrepute to the school. It will be regarded as serious offence and will result in his/her suspension from the school.
  16. Forming gangs in the school, inciting and provoking other students to indulge in  any type of indiscipline and showing disrespect towards anyone in the school will be punished with  prompt suspension / T.C.
  17. Every activity that is conducted in the school aims at the wholesome development of a student. Therefore it is compulsory for a student to participate in all the activities conducted in the school.