1. The co-operation of the parents is solicited for the smooth running of the school buses.
  2. All issues regarding the buses are to be referred to the Contractors of the buses. The school transportation is run by Al-Hadi Transportation co.Transport office Tel: 24727556, 99471356.
  3. One month’s notice should be given or one month’s fees will be charged in lieu of notice for discontinuing the transport facilities.
  4. All students using the bus facilities will behave in a disciplined manner in the buses, failing which the bus facilities will be withdrawn without any notice.
  5. The Transport Office will recover the cost of repairs of any damage caused to the bus by the students.
  6. The bus facilities are extended to the students on the existing routes and bus stops.
  7. No parents or student will deal with the driver directly for any complaint.
  8. No student should lean out of the bus windows or put his/her head out under any circumstances.
  9. Any bus route can be cancelled if it is found uneconomical.