Principal’s Desk

Principal's Desk

Sr. Benedicta S. Pinto

In the ‘ Elixir of Life,’ Carmel School has made “Excelsior” as its motto and value to live by.

No doubt at every twist and turn along life’s rocky, exciting journey, there is a lesson to learn. True education helps us to walk the pathway of life with awareness of what is happening in and around us, to be in awe at the perception of numberless wonders that take place daily.

Education is a valuable asset both for those who give and those who receive. The following warning through an unknown person “if you were graduated yesterday, and have learnt nothing today, you will be uneducated tomorrow, is absolutely important for all learners.

So take up the challenge and live up to the ideal of Excelsior.

Resolve towards excellence with a renewed vigour not merely towards academics but every aspect of life especially in reaching out to the one in need.

St. Francis de Sales says, “ Be what you are, Be at its best.”

May the Almighty be our strength and light before our footsteps.